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Facelifts aren't for humans only

If you have some scoured vintage items from flea markets that you don't know what to do with, but love the bones or quirkiness of them although they don't quite work with your current decor, stress no more.  You can transform those pieces into your absolute favorites once again!  I too have some of those same objects in my house that have traveled with me for years. They're items I have bought at flea markets, and some were from our travels... but no longer fit into my decor.

At first, I gathered them all up to either donate or sell at a garage sale. However, as usual, I always look beyond any ugly ducklings and see their potential. After all, some of the items had great shape, but needed a little facelift. Only some items could be salvaged and the rest will be going bye-bye...!

Here's what you'll need:
*sand paper {to lightly sand smooth surfaces so the paint can adhere well}
*wipe cloth {use an old cotton t-shirt}
*primer {I had a grey can of primer in my arsenal, so I used that... liberally spray your object. Make sure to let dry completely.}
*Then using the spray paint color of your choice - spray your item away. giving it at least 2 coats or more depending on the color you use.

When the project is completed, you should end up with a brand new polished one-of-a-kind accessory (ies)  that you'll love all over again.

Have fun and thanks for reading;)    

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