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Lush ~ness

About a month or so ago, a friend had been wanting to take me to this store named LUSH. However, for some reason, every time she'd tell me about Lush, I thought it was some kind of cocktail bar and that I would have to find a free Friday night to go with her, and at the same thinking of what was I going to wear? {You can see what's always on my mind huh! hehehe.}

Well, I finally joined her recently to Lush and did get intoxicated immediately! {not on alcohol, but to a world of naturally hand-made cosmetics/lotion/soap/shampoo products}. As you enter the store, you get hit with a plethora of fragrances...if you're one that's sensitive to perfume, it might be a difficult place to go, as the smell when you first walk in can be overwhelming, but quickly dies down as you move around the store.

If you're into natural products, Lush is a paradise.  Not only that, but the products are visually stimulating as they also evoke a sense of luxury! Although I found some items they carry to be pretty expensive, the products are worth it. I bought this facial mask called AYESHA hand-made by Sara to try out.   I have to say I was very pleased with how it leaves your skin feeling. I actually got complimented a lot on how smooth my skin looked and felt after using that mask. Honestly you get what you pay for. The only thing is, the products have a very short shelf life because of the natural ingredients used, so you'd have to give yourself a facial every other day or the whole thing will go bad on you.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of LUSH with my "Dingle berry"  phone. The employees at the LUSH store in Mandalay hotel Las Vegas are amazing.  They are knowledgeable about the products and extremely helpful. I ended up walking out {after I paid of course} with the facial masks, and some body oil as well. I hope the pictures give you a glimpse of the experience that I had.

When I saw these body tints...I immediately said to myself: "Kelly Ripa would probably love these!"
I guess if you're going to be a lush it's best to become a natural lush;) {Cheesy I know}.

*FYI, I was NOT  paid to write this post.  I just truly enjoyed my time at the store and thought it was a cool place, so I wanted to share my experience with you as I naturally {no pun intended} do on this blog. I think vendors are going to get used to getting free advertisements on my blog. Oh well- in my book, I feel commendation & kindness where it's due are always in style!

~ I Wish you a safe weekend! ~

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