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Our Super Bowl Party...

Everything is made from scratch. I strongly believe that food tastes way better when it's well-presented.

This year we weren't invited to any super bowl party, and we're not surprised. We're not in our hometown where we have friends. Which really is fine. We don't need others for us to have a party. We ARE THE PARTY! lol ...Besides, the hubby doesn't always like them anyway. He'd rather watch the game alone without anyone talking or being distracting.

Me on the other hand, I don't like football. I find it rather boring and a waste of time sitting in front of a screen watching these fat smelly telletubbies...thinking I could be getting so much done right now. {I suppose it's kind of like what goes through a guy's head when they're forced to watch a girlie flick} I usually use that time to catch up on organizing and projects that I don't normally have time for - with the exception of half time depending on who's performing - that's when you'll find me excitedly run to the screen for the performance. 

I made these cheeseburger egg roll using Gruyere cheese in them, served with my own sweet and sour dipping sauce

Same cheeseburger egg rolls with Rachel Ray's Russian dressing dip

This year I was thrilled my girl Madonna was performing. Needless to say, she did not disappoint at all. She's one of the people that I admire {besides my other girl Kelly Ripa} and at the ripe age of 53 she stills rocks it! I love women like that who truly show that age ain't nothing but a number for she doesn't retreat into the old age home like a hermit awaiting the inevitable - having that defeatist attitude.

The photos are of my football menu for the hubby;) a party all our own. The hubby felt a little bit vindicated with the win of the Giants - although not his team. His team "The Jets" have been on a losing streak for the past 30+ years, but the Giants win made him feel good since the Patriots always beat up on his NY Jets team. AND the GIANTS WIN...THE GIANTS WIN!!! Woot!

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