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Seeing Spots

Cutout polka-dot silk-gazar pencil skirt
I've been seeing spots everywhere. Polka dots are back! It's one of those trends that seem to never really go away anyway, right? Honestly, the last time I owned something with polka dots was about 13 plus years ago.

Recently, I went browsing with the hubby and spotted {no pun intended;} a cute polka dotted blouse that I grabbed and tried on. As I was about to put it back - the hubby said, "you should get it". I guess, I'm on trend now with my one piece of polka dot attire, cause polka dots are BACK for more in 2012' fashion!

Since that's the case, I figured I’d share with you some polka dot pieces I like so far.

First, let's check out a couple of cute dresses here: What I think I like about polka dots is that even with a bunch of dots everywhere, you'd think it would make a dress look super busy, but it doesn't. It actually has a chic look to it and doesn't hurt the eye when looking at it.

                                  2. Corey Lynn Calter Oh What Fun Dress
                                  3. Forever 21 Black/Cream Polka Dot Dress
Now the Polka Dotted Shoes! There's a sophistication factor to them provided that you dress them right. Which means since it's the trend, you should not go matchy matchy...donning yourself head-to-toe in polka dots thinking you're in style. On the other hand, what YOU CAN do, is inject in some polka dots as a statement without looking crazy.
Have a good day!

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