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Why Is She Writing A Blog?!

I get inspired by so many different things I see, hear, watch and read each day. Blogging about my inspirations has been such a fun way to express my thoughts and design ideas on art, fashion, food, travels and everything else in between. I can't tell you how freeing it's made me feel, especially at a time when I've felt the most alone/isolated and insignificant.

The reason why I've always been intrigued by fashion, interior design, architecture, food and traveling is that these things offer no room for stagnation {which by the way, is not my comfort zone} for they advance innovatively each day. Keeping abreast with such new innovative ideas help my mind to grow and keep my heart smiling all the time.

Creative people grow by being inspired and they find fulfillment in inspiring others through their vision. That said, this blog space is my new best friend {...since true loyal friendships are rare these days} not only does it allow me the freedom to be me and fully express myself without it hating/judging me, but it's also my hope that by posting pictures, quotes, videos, photo galleries, links and telling stories, I can inspire someone along the way. 


Enjoy your Saturday!

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