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Chillin' At Cecconi's In West Hollywood

No, you're not seeing double. You may remember my previous outfit post in Beverly Hills. Other than the same white pants and shoes...everything else is different. I would have worn a different pair of pants, but I really liked the lightness the white jeans gave and I was in California after all-where the weather is usually warmer than other places and fashion is not constrained by seasons.

However, California was unbelievably cold {40's}. For CA it was kind of unusual {I remember while standing online for the LIVE! With Kelly show, some visitors said to us: "I thought CA doesn't get cold..." they seemed to have been disappointed since they dressed for warm California weather.}, but global warming has everyone very confused to say the least. I've learned years ago before I travel to always check the weather of your destination, and now with the convenience of being able to track the weather on your phone, I use that feature regularly as we travel quite often. So daily before I get dressed, I look at what the weather is going to be like and dress accordingly.

That's why I brought my warm jackets including my fur jacket that kept me warm.  I left the hair up {which I realize isn't too flattering on me...oh well:(} majority of my time there... cause the air was pretty damp by the water. Trust me, had I not put my hair up, I would have looked like a chia pet except with dark hair. Just sayin'

I came out awful in these pictures, but those ladies are so pretty...I had to share their pictures with you.

I find it very interesting how we all somehow ended up with zigzag patterns on.

My risotto verde was so creamy and delicious! I slowly scoffed it down shamelessly. So embarrassing! LOL

Scruffy or not, he still looks good!

Anyway, this was another great moment for the day was not only beautiful, but we shared it with some fun, gorgeous Ripaholics, Karen, @RockOnTeamRipa {THE creator of Ripaholics}, and @ChristineC210Gerard Butler happened to be dining for lunch. Do you see him?


  1. You ladies were so much fun! Can't wait to do it again! Ripaholic Reunion. ;)

    1. Next time it should be a Ripaholic Reunion with at Kelly Ripa herself.;)