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The Evil Eye...

Kelly Ripa recently spoke to Angelica Huston on the LIVE! With Kelly show. Angelica pointed out a beautiful present that Kelly sent her when she was grieving the loss of her husband... which totally convinced me even more of my thoughts of Kelly Ripa being the most humble/wonderful friend that one could ever WISH to have. Kindness is always in fashion in my book.

If you too would like to get yourself {especially if you're a Ripaholic, I'm sure you'd want one}, here are a few of those bracelets in all different price options. From pricey to inexpensive:





9. Max & Chloe Signature Pink Bead Evil Eye Charm Bracelet $65. A perfect color for this upcoming spring. This year it's all about pastel colors.

Happy Almost Friday! Which one of these do you like?

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