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Kodak Theatre LIVE! With Kelly After Oscar Show

The 1am or "no sleep at all" line at the Hollywood bowl. The line continues inside the Kodak theatre at 3am. Die hard fans of Kelly Ripa patiently waited to see her.

This past weekend was such a great weekend. One of the reasons for that was: The LIVE! With Kelly after Oscar show! that we were privileged to attend in Hollywood at the Kodak Theater. I had so much fun meeting my fellow Ripaholics from all over! I want to thank @LIVE! With Kelly for the great experience and for sending me tickets to the show. It was an amazing experience that I'm very grateful to have had and will cherish for the rest of my life. It will be added to my other mementos of LIVE!
Mark Consuelos came in afterwards from some fun Oscar after party... which got the crowd in a frenzy! LOL:)

Though the pictures aren't the greatest, seeing them brings back to mind one of my BEST memories of this year. Maybe one day I'll get to take some non-fuzzy pictures of 'special K' herself

Unfortunately real cameras weren't allowed in the theatre, not to mention my Nikkon camera is too big to fit into a dainty clutch;), but I used my "Dingle Berry" {say it with a British accent} for pictures... which failed me as usual. It ended up that we weren't allowed to take pictures anyway... some of these not so good pictures are from when we first got in and the others are from the end of the show.  I really wanted to give you a little taste of what we experienced this past weekend. Enjoy!
~Wishing you some sun in your Sunday~

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