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I'm not sure if you remember my recent post about the store LUSH. Since I'm still in Las Vegas, I went back for another facial mask and exfoliating soap bar. I must admit the layout of that little store and the fun products make it very welcoming and inviting. Being in design, I find myself drawn to any place that is well decorated ...that store doesn't lack in beauty when you enter it... and it smells DIVINE!

But truly, this post is to nominate one of their BEST employees.  His name is Jordan. He definitely adds to the pretty ambiance and pleasantness of the store.  He's not only friendly and helpful, but he's the most knowledgeable employee you'll find there. You can see he's genuinely passionate about the products and able to convince anyone into buying anything just because of the way he describes/demonstrates the products - not to mention, he's just as gorgeous as the place, LOL!

I strongly believe in commendation for it propels individuals to reach their maximum potential. So, here's to you Jordan! You ROCK! Thanks for making my friend and I feel important when we shop at the store.

Happy Friday!

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