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Mother Of The Bride Dresses: Part I

It never ceases to amaze me at the lack of fashion/elegance in this town. This past week I accompanied my girlfriend and her mother on a hunt for an elegant mother of the bride dress... it just kills me how much time we wasted running around town and still couldn't find anything appropriate or elegant. In this insane town, there are two types of fashion: extremely matronly or sleezy. {I'll let your imagination take a wild guess of where that could be} In the end we found something, but it is still not what we wanted or imagined her in, although pretty.

*Note: The color of the mother of the bride/or groom’s dress should not match the color of the bride’s dress, nor should it match the bridesmaid’s dresses.  Rather, the color of the dress should compliment other dresses in the wedding.  Most importantly, remember that the bride’s request precedes any traditional guidelines for choosing a mother of the bride's dress. After all, it is her big day!

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