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Mother Of The Bride Dresses: Part II

I'm a person that's all about glam. I don't believe that just because you're expected to dress your age, you have to look matronly, grandmama-ish or frumpy. These are some dresses that I'm loving so far, but there are so many more glamorous options. Also, save wearing black for wakes and funerals. This color is definitely not for a wedding - unless it is requested by the bride. A note of caution: for those who might opt to wearing shorter gowns ....the mother of the bride's dress should not be low cut, nor higher than a little bit above the knee. 

From left to right: Alyce Designs Jean De Lys Dress// Alyce Designs JDL dress {I like this chiffon floor length dress. The gathered slit with the broach and the ruched bodice give the dress such an elegant flair.}// This is a Montage Boutique mother of bride dress by Mon Cheri// Rina di Montella mother of the bride   

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