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I'm used to my daily basic barely there/no makeup look which I'm fine with really. I think it's because I feel if I were to wear makeup every day, then my face would depend on it to look presentable. Plus, I feel like it would deny me of creating a dramatic all glammed up look for those special occasions that warrant for it. More than all else, I much prefer a low maintenance morning routine that allows me to stay in bed a little longer.

For the Hollywood after Oscar show, I branched out of my comfort zone by experimenting with some foundation, face powder, mascara, eye shadow, lip liner and blush... I opted not to apply the liquid eyeliner I bought as I don't have a steady hand to apply it, and didn't want to poke my eye out and look like a one-eyed pirate. Especially, after staying up 24 hours for the show.

I need lessons on how to do the professional look on my own. Although the ladies at the MAC store once showed me, I still couldn't do it. Oh well, I just have to make time to watch some YouTube videos as has been suggested to me by a couple of friends.

Anyhow, this is the look I ended up with. How is my amateur makeup application? What do you think? Any tips? It's okay, I won't be hurt. Just be nice. ;)

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