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The Regrettable Wedding Invitation

The gown I wore to the wedding {nope, you're not gonna break my soul...}

You know how I said I would share my Saturday incident in a previous post. Although this website is for the sole purpose of inspiring through design, fashion, food, travel, beautiful images and positive thoughts, occasionally there are also some of life's unpleasant experiences to share every now and then... {just to keep it real}. Let's face it, life isn't always all roses and peaches - right? The ones that make you think it is... ARE LYING! Inevitably, there are those moments that you've got to vent a little for mental sanity sake.

Sometimes I wonder why do I attract underhanded deceptive "friends"? I'm sure you know how disappointingly hurtful they can be if you've ever been double-crossed by one. You see, I'm the type of person that always wants to help people and often I sacrifice my time and go out of my way to help others. I regret to find  that in the end, some of those people turn around and stab me mercilessly in the back over and over again. Mind you it's not like I get something in return from some of these people - usually, I'm left drained afterwards, but my heart is super soft and I can never turn down someone in need - I know some of these people see that and take advantage of it. Well, my friends, that's exactly what happened to me this past weekend. 

How is it that a "friend" is going to have you run  around with them in preparation of their wedding, all the while telling you how wonderful you are, {meanwhile, they've got a ton of "friends," family... how come they're not helping?}. and then after all the usage was done- ditch you? And then to add insult to injury - invite you to their wedding where they know there are no seats for you accept in the cleaning closet where the chairs, mops and brooms go - away from the main party?

After we picked up our mouths off the floor from shock/disappointment, we decided to go to Bouchon  Restaurant Bistro where we ate fine cuisine, and got treated the way we deserved to be treated {like humans with feelings}.

This is just another lesson learned in a strange backwoods town {aka ..the howling desert}. It shows that forming friendships with people who are callous, self-centered and selfish inescapably yield distressing and disastrous results. This requires making an honest assessment of whom we spend our time with. Especially when you're desperate for friends... because forging a friendship with someone who is a devious person is very unhealthy... leaving you drained with negative feelings. Now, I'll post about our Bouchon's experience soon, so stop by again. What do you think about them apples?

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Happy hump day!

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