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Spring 2012: Bright Hues

This spring it’s all about incorporating bright hues, dramatic pops of neon, and pastels into your wardrobe. To me it feels like spring started early with the unusually warm weather we had this year. I'm really looking forward to integrating a few of these spring trends into my wardrobe, especially all of those wonderful bright jeans... that will definitely be a nice change for me. I'm not usually big on trends, but I need to liven up my wardrobe with a couple of bright jeans for sure.

These inspirational pieces I found online definitely give that color jolt to any blasé wardrobe. Just looking at these intensely saturated hues make me feel rejuvenated!

*Note: One thing to keep in mind when combining multiple colors into one outfit: follow the less is more concept! Keeping it simple gives you the ability to color block and infuse just one pop of color that creates a much simpler/fashionable silhouette. How about you? What are some of your favorite bright hues this spring?


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