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Don't Settle!!!

Isn't it amazing how far they've come with "organic/toxic-free" products for our use and consumption these days? People and society progess as a result of constant learning and a willingness to improve and change. Imagine if everyone had never cared to progress from our forefathers'time?! We'd still be talking through styrofoam cups with a string or be waiting on our front porch for the arrival of a horse that's been en route for 10 days or many months to deliver news from the other side of the country.{little house of the prairie like - although it's a much simpler life, which I like} Just imagine, what would that be like?

It's crazy how things will ignite certain thoughts and memories in my head. Just seeing the ingredients for this coral eco-conscious nail polish brought to mind a recent thought that I've had in my head all week after a conversation.

It makes me cringe when you talk to friends from the past that live as though they were stuck inside a time capsule... hearing their thinking/reasoning immediately shows that they are in standstill mode! Although there are moments one has had that you wish you could encapsulate, there comes a point that you must move on, improve and progress.  Personal growth is enhanced if we're open to constant learning, which helps us to discern who we are, what we like, and where we want to be, thus improving our life and environment. People, 'who don't get it' call this instability or being unhappy with your lot in life.

However, people who don't change are content to be in a state of stagnation, which is defined as: "a failure to develop, progress, or advance..." progression on the other hand, is a moving forward... a passing successively from one member of a series to the next; succession; sequence... this constant movement of progression will insure against stagnation, and more importantly, will sharpen your perspective in life for the better. Not only will your life become more stimulating, but you will be accomplishing good for both yourself and those around you. It's okay to keep on moving, don't let others hold you back from becoming the best that you can be. {I honestly I'm not trying to sound like Oprah. But speaking from the heart and personal experience.;}

P.S. Phew! Sorry for the digression... 

What one thing could you do differently today that would help you expand your world?

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