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French Bistro

While in Vegas and being the foodies that we are, the hubby and I have scoured, scoped out and scrutinized dozens of restaurants in this town, but especially the ones off the strip since I cannot STAND the smoke filled air of casinos! It's like an immediate suffocation when I enter into them, especially the older ones that don't have great ventilation.

In an effort to stay away from them, we've been able to discover some favorite under-the-radar gems. One of them is Bernard's Bistro in Lake Las Vegas Henderson. This quaint, fun, classy, smoke-free, bistro offers great venetian surroundings {nope, I'm not talking the Venetian hotel. I'm talking Lake Las Vegas... home to Celine Dion}. The french native chef/owner comes out to greet everyone at the restaurant which, to me, makes a restaurant appealing and successful. Being able to make each diner feel welcome and important is an immediate draw to people and even if the food stinks, they will still come as it builds loyalty and a comradery.

This is the turkey and brie cheese Tour De France open faced sandwich
which consists of french baguette w. roasted bell pepper, avocado, flavor spread and petite salad

I love the merging of Frank Sinatra {and members of the rat pack} in a french bistro - essentially still maintaining the music history of Las Vegas.

I love the whimsy of the giant hand decor, but also the pop of color in that display brings that counter to life and gives it energy.

What I really love too is the indoor/outdoor seating option with lake views

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