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The Greek word'a is translated "hospitality", which is made up of two root words meaning "love" and "stranger." Thus, hospitality essentially means "love of strangers." However, this is not just a formality or a point of courtesy. It involves one's feelings and affections. Hence, hospitality is an expression of genuine fondness, affection, and friendship extended to complete strangers. It's certainly something that I've learned at a very young age, and one thing that I actually derive enjoyment from is extending hospitality or friendliness to others that I don't know.  Sometimes it's by including someone new in my circle or inviting them over for a meal.

As I've been away from home living in a foreign city temporarily where there are no roots or friends that are like family doesn't keep me from extending friendship to others by inviting them to go out to eat, but I usually prefer to make a hand-made meal.  I personally feel it really shows a deep affection and I love to cook so it's an enjoyment to prepare a meal for others.

This time I went the rustic way frosting these cupcakes instead of using the piping bag.

However, this night, we had some new friends stop by our condo for a visit, and I whipped up one of my favorite desserts EVER ~ CUPCAKES! I also prepared some other quick snacks. I'll put up the recipe to these in another post. It's late and my brain juice has run out. I say all of this to stress the importance of taking the initiative to be friendly. In most cases the effort is met with a pleasant response and such moments can be enjoyable especially if you're in a place where there's a lack of neighborliness.

~Enjoy your weekend~

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