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DIY: Sequin Throw Pillow

How-To-Make Sequin Throw Pillow

I constantly find ways to make subtle changes in my space, keeping it fresh with the use of accessories. This particular quick DIY project was not planned, it just popped into my mind after I found this sequin infinity scarf at a consignment shop. Not only did it catch my eye because of the sequins - I'm a sucker for bling, but the color also was just as stunning. 

Funny thing is, as soon as I laid my eyes on that scarf, I immediately bought it with the intent to cover a pillow with it. I wasn't sure which one, but I knew I'd find a pillow out of my piles of pillows that no longer fit in with my decor. And I certainly did! It just required a little stitching {by only took me 10 minutes tops, but would be a cinch for someone with a sewing machine which I don't have}. 

Here's what the pillow and scarf looked like before {the pillow was ok, but it's seen better days}.I gave them a makeover. I suppose this is what they're calling upcycling these days. Taking useless things that are ready to be recycled and giving them a new lease on life as you will - bringing them a better usage.

The scarf appears purple in the photos, but it's really a magenta in real life.

Yay! It's Friday! Hope you have a swell weekend!

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