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Now You Sea Me ... Not In The Salon

There are a few things that I find relaxing. One of them is getting my hands pampered and massaged in a salon while reading some fashion magazines along with a Starbucks drink. However, I find myself opting out of that experience more and more because I haven't been fully satisfied with the end result of how my mani comes out. There's nothing worse than sitting for an hour or so at a salon, {not to mention the expense} only to come out disappointed.  Lately, I've been doing my own manicures which are much more salon worthy looking - best yet, it only takes me 30 minutes tops -from start to finish.

My steps consist of: removing old nail polish, filing, buffing
and shaping my nails down to a very short length.

The years of keeping my nails super long have gone by many moons ago lol. I remember, my nails used to be so long, I used to have a pinkie nail ring {remember that trend?}. *Depending on the day, if I have time and I'm in a full pampering mood, I soak my hands, clip my cuticles and the whole shabang!

Over the years I've developed somewhat of a steady hand applying the polish without getting it all over my cuticles and hands, but you can always use a polish remover pen
to clean up any smudges.

 I added a little bit of glitter on the thumbs and the ring fingers
as a twist to spice things up.


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