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Prom Dresses

From top left to right:
8. This Sassy Orange Strapless Cocktail Dress {in the color of the year sure is a show stopper - So Cinderella!} $118
10. Halter Ruffled Evening Dress {very red carpet style} $99

For the past month or so, I've noticed a lot of mother-and-daughter pairs perusing many gown shops looking for that perfect prom dress. For so many young ladies in high school this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and the hunt for just the right dress can be a challenge.

I must say, I'm grateful I didn't deal with that for I never attended any school dances or went to my prom. I hated my school so much that I went to summer school just to rack up the credits I needed so I could graduate early. When everyone was attending their prom, I was already in my first year of college.

For those of you that are attending your senior prom-remember, you have been waiting for this special moment for such a long time.  This is no time to go safe by settling with just an ordinary LBD {little black dress}.  That just will not do;) The perfect prom dress should be timeless and classic... definitely a dress that dazzles in pictures for years to come. It's your time to feel like a princess and look glamorous.

~Happy shopping ya'll~

*P.S. You know how they say "change is good." Well, 1) I've changed the blog's name from "Keeping Up with Dafashionista"to Beckabella Style Inspirations -a name that encapsulates the blog much better. 2) I'm changing from blogger to Wordpress by next week some time, which means I'm losing the option to have your lovely faces on the blog right now through google friend connect. Guess what? I don't want to lose you all because I really like seeing all your pretty faces on the blog:) You can still keep up with the blog by subscribing through the e-mail feed located in the top left sidebar, as well as through Bloglovin' or the RSS feed button. So stay tuned for my switch, and please follow my upcoming WordPress account under "Beckabella Style Inspirations".Just don't go away, there are a lot more exciting things on the horizon for this baby!;)) I can't wait to hear from you through your lovely comments.

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