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Reclaiming Life

These pictures aren't the best, because they were taken back in the stone age when cameras didn't take really good photos and these have been scanned... but hope you can see the improvement;) {First house}...

We've been downsizing over a period of time now and let me tell you, the sense of freedom and peace that we feel can't be bought. Having owned two homes {first one was a fixer upper that we renovated and the second we built} we've come to realize that bigger isn't better nor does it bring happiness as some might have you believe. Society ingraines in one's mind that owning is an investment, but not necessarily in all cases, especially in these economic times. For us, we prefer a stress-free unencumbered life. We would rather spend our time traveling and exploring the globe and its beauty instead of being couped up maintaining a house, pool, cars etc... having the freedom to just pick up and go whenever and wherever we want and not worry about anything is priceless! 

Second house

That's why we appreciate our much simpler carefree life that we have right now. Having no kids and a lot of material possessions to tie us down gives us the same freedom we had as newlyweds starting our lives together and we have come to realize we love our lives that way.

Being in debt for items that are not essential - while keeping you from living a wholesome life-style is ludicrous really. The key to doing that is this: Don't look longingly at the life-styles of others in your community/environment who are living less frugally, lest you begin to desire the things they have and be lured into their way of life.  Remember everything is not always as it appears. They may have a lot of possessions but also be a slave to the credit card/loan payments. 

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely."

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