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Utah Road Trip

For the past few years, we have been residing in Henderson NV due to business.  Occasionally we have taken a few road trips to St. George, Utah for seminars/conventions and this past weekend we took a leisurely 120-mile drive in the blazing dry heat of Utah {yes, it's already 97 degrees in the middle of April, that 97 feels like over a 100!} for one last time, as we soon will be going home to the big apple.

However, every time we make that road trip we just get amazed at what we see, and for those of you who haven't been there yet are some pictures of the amazingly steep jagged rocky mountains. As we drive alongside these majestic mountains, we often look over the edge which is 5,000{+} feet above sea level and think 'let's stay far far away from the edge of the road, and pray we don't break down because there's no phone reception as it can be a very treacherous area to be stranded in'. The mountain lions are plump for a reason..;)

Can you believe someone has a house there? I mean there's nothing else in sight for MILES! Talk about adventurous...

Happy Monday!

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