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Small Changes ... Great Impact!

Some of the urns were part of a DIY I did... I added a West Elm porcelain hurricane dotted candle holder to the mix. I love having candles in every room for ambiance {there's just something about that flickering, soft glow of a candle that seems to melt away stress}. 

The chocolate color replaced the institutional white walls breathing new life into the space - giving it that cozy warm feeling I love. Adding the new stainless steel appliances, a new tall single-lever chrome faucet, rustic kitchen hardware {that I had from a previous design job, which distracts the unsightly cabinetry. I really wanted the huge chrome hardware for those cabinets, but it's too much of an expense for a temporary apartment}, accessories, and a floor runner give this previously somber room a modern, up-to-date appearance, making a great impact. 

When you're renting, renovation is out of the question, right? But it doesn't mean that you can't give your space an updated look it deserves which will reflect your taste and style. For instance, in this rental apartment, the kitchen was very dreary and was in desperate need of a little bit of TLC.

The dingy dark and cheap cabinets along with the white appliances, made the whole room drab - lacking personality and warmth. The white walls looked cold, and somber. Needless to say the kitchen was completely uninspiring and definitely did not even motivate boiling hot water in there, let alone cook a nice meal.

However, since it's a temporary rental, obviously I couldn't replace the dated cabinets or the hideous linoleum floors, but thankfully there were a few things that I was allowed to change... which I did! I decided to make a few small differences with color, accessories, and even appliances.

Now is the time to get your rental home right for you. As you can see, it is possible to achieve this with just a few small changes which make a great impact. Designing a rental to feel like a home by putting some personal touches will make you more happy in the space that you live in!  Hope this post has inspired you in one way or another. Toss your fears aside. You CAN do it!

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