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Stylish Magazine Organizing

I  hate clutter {Truth be told I'm a neat freak to be exact.} and only keep things that are useful and toss whatever items that are unnecessary. However when it comes to design  magazines I risk the title of being called a hoarder or pack rat. So you might wonder, 'how does a neat freak like me store all those design magazines?' Well, I stack them up on bookshelves in my office or my closet/wardrobe - using them for height to display other items, or I even prop them up as dividers on my shelves in my home office. They're visually pleasing that way and are conveniently placed for me to grab at any moment when I need to scan them for inspiration.

I have an obsession with boxes. Decorative, vintage or any kind really. This vintage wooden box was up for grabs amongst a pile that an old boss brought in to the office {where I used to work years ago} for anyone to take. They were her dad's old cigar boxes.. I had to spray them down with febreze, perfume and let them air out for days, before I could put things in them. I'm debating whether I should give this one an update with a bright coat of paint. Not sure yet.

Happy Monday!

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