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NYC Apartment Hunting

Brooklyn, NY {the architecture of these 1800's buildings is just amazing}.

I couldn't be any more excited, and scared at the same time. The hubby and I are about to say goodbye to our suburban living {simplifying from owning a home back to renting}, to tread the waters of city living... NYC at that! So exciting! But I can be a real estate agent's nightmare for I am extremely picky about the areas and apartments I want to live in. I'm about architecture, character and updated appliances along with many other amenities. On the other hand, the agent is more like "hurry up, I need to make my commission and move on to the next potential commission!" The scary part is to find a decent rental place with a reasonable price tag. The thing about NYC apartments is that they offer very little for an astronomical amount, but it's about location, location, location. And most importantly, it's all about quality of life and one's preference, and now, my/our preference is the 'Big Apple!' So, the hunt begins!

These are some of the mental images I get when I think of my ideal NYC apartment and what it should look like.

Yes, this is part of city living. It can be very green and tranquil
depending on where you chose to be in NYC.
Something about a cobalt blue or red front door says to me: "the people behind this door are hospitable and fun to be with... {Cobble Hill Brooklyn, NY}.

The window boxes against the brownstone buildings give such a distinctive charm that warms my heart.

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Printed Romper: Style Option 2

Dana Buchman sunglasses {also shown here}, Jump sleeveless romper, Vintage yellow bead necklace seen here, gold clutch with rosette {old}, yellow Shiekh heels, You sea me polish 

What I like about rompers is that they can be styled for almost every occasion, especially if you get one in a flattering cut and a hot color, or print.  Style option one can be seen here.

Have you found a great romper for the summer yet?


Anticipatory Joy

Jewelry: Ralph Lauren, New York & Company and mixed pink crystal bracelets // Ellemenno silk shirt // Optimum Nostalgic cropped pants {super comfy}, Ray Ban sunglasses

As the weeks are rolling on, I'm getting more and more excited to embark on our new adventure, or should I say, moving onto the next chapter of our lives. I am finally getting to leave the scorching desert behind and return home! But what makes it more exhilarating is the idea of possibly getting to live in the city instead of going back to the suburbs.

For years, it's always been my dream to live in the city and the idea of finally getting the chance to do it is beyond exciting. I need a change of pace and city living would certainly provide the energy to rejuvenate my spirit.

Hope you had a great long weekend!


The Weekend

My weekend once again started on Thursday. Met a friend for lunch at Firefly.
These mussels were pretty tasty {served in a red curry white wine coconut sauce}.

Hi! I hope your weekend was a relaxing and happy one. My weekend was just as crazy as the past few weekends.

Got some shopping done - I love the packaging of Philosophy products. To me, care is shown in the details.

Sneak peek of my dinner outfit.

Cocktail Party. I ended up with two cherries on my mudslide.

Girl's night cocktail

That was the icing on the cake


Design Inspirations: No.1

Loving that brick wall. Hope I get a brick wall in my next apartment.

If you find yourself frazzled and unable to come up with a definite design plan, I would suggest making a collection of what inspires you by ripping out your favorite design photos in magazines or these days with the help of technology, you can find beautiful inspirational designs on the web {pinterest makes it even easier to pin favorite designs off the web nowadays}. Creating a collage of photos or images often helps to hone one's personal design taste, and flare making it easier to envision furniture pieces and color schemes for your space.

Always remember, a room that's well put together makes you more effective.

I love the chocolate walls - they snuggle you with warmth and coziness

The chandelier and that periwinkle tufted sofa bring some glam to this room 

Digging the zebra print pillows

I'd rather these blinds in our next place instead of the hideous vertical blinds that we have currently.

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View of Manhattan from Brooklyn, NY

Can you believe May is already pretty much over!? Time is flying by. As they say: "time flies when you're having fun." Packing for our upcoming move, working and attending so many goodbye lunch/dinner rendez-vous has kept me {us} pretty busy! The only consolation is knowing that I'm going home finally!  This time of year especially brings back memories of friends on Long Island that are getting ready to open up their pools for the summer...which makes me even more homesick. :(

Italian bakery in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, NY {I miss these cute tasty afternoon treats}.

 Pear-Drop Earrings {Neiman Marcus}. This peachy hue warms up any complexion.

Lobster Mac-n-cheese at Pier9 in Hell's Kitchen, NY

A new addition to the shoe collection {similar ones here}. Look for them in an upcoming outfit post.


DIY Lamps: Before & After

Lamp before and after. It's a work in progress. I'm still thinking of upgrading the lampshade by either bedazzling it with a shimmery scarf that I have or I may stencil it with a cool design or add some trim to it just to bring it up a notch. I'll post the updated look when I do it - so stay tuned;)

If you feel your room needs a quick pick-me-up, you can do it through accessories instead of buying a whole new furniture set. Sometimes, just little decor details can make a big impact. For instance, I had this lamp for quite some time and I kind of got sick of the way it looked... instead of buying a new one, I just opted to spray paint it {can also be seen here} in a bright blue color which is current and cheery, and what a difference huh?!  Really, there was nothing wrong with the lamp, plus it cost quite a few pennies when we bought it six years ago.

Changing colors of either lamps, lamp shades, pillow cases, etc, makes it easy to perk up a room-and have a new look without spending a lot of money. How about you? What DIY projects are you working on to give your space a quick pick-me-up?


Reminiscing About: Cannes, France

Hearing all the buzz about this year's Cannes Film Festival - sure brings back great fun memories {and a little France homesickness} of our time in Cannes as they prepared for the previous film festival.

Cannes is a picturesque city located on the French Riviera and is well known for the Cannes Film Festival that takes place around this time each year. It is located on the main railway line that runs from Marseille to Nice, Monte Carlo and into Italy. It's a fashionista's paradise - for it is known as a fashionable resort community. I have to say, besides NYC...France is definitely a wonderful place for people-watching {my secret guilty pleasure..;}, which we did.

Recognize who's standing with Chewbacca here?;)

This is the Regina Hotel in Nice, France. This hotel was once a mansion for one family dating from the beginning of the 20th Century. My little tiny camera at the time could only capture a little bit of this compound, but it's pretty majestic upon the hill overlooking the French Riviera down in the distance.

This is a small portion of the largest Orthodox Russian Church in Nice, France.
The Taj Mahal has nothing on this cathedral for its opulence. Makes me think of the song: "money money money money money, MONEY!.."

This huge strange cube shaped human head sculpture in Nice, France {called "La Tete au Carre - officially named 'The Square Head} is actually a seven story building...the central library of Nice. It is a brain child of sculptor Sacha Sosno and architect Yves Bayard.

We certainly enjoyed touring all of Nice and eating french lunch like sweet Nutella panini, cafe avec sucre... my little knowledge of french gave me a little edge when ordering food for us. Oui oui, mes cheri...

Ended our long day in Cannes and Nice, France with some fine dining at Le French Bistro Restaurant

I can never forego a creme brulee dessert. Yum!
My mouth's watering just seeing this picture



Today's finds at a local boutique. I really like the purple rims on these aviator sunglasses

When your good deeds aren't appreciated and leave you burned out instead - leaving you with feelings of disappointment and anger, it's good to take a step back and regroup by pondering over what things truly matter and make you happy.

My Ten Things for right now...

1. Good old time friends
2. LIVE! With Kelly {when all else fails, Kelly Ripa always puts me in a good mood}
3. Fine dining with hubby
4. Good wine with real friends
5. Upbeat music
6. Road trip to Santa Barbara {which I'll probably miss after going back East}
7. The fact that I don't settle for mediocrity
8. Moving back East {"NY is where I belong..."}
9. Leisure reading at Starbucks with my favorite drink
10. My blog, and it's lovely readers. I know you read it even though you don't comment;)


Three's Company: Summer Style

I love these fun sunglasses for their sophisticated look, but I haven't found the right one for my face shape. These affordable ones sold here 

I think I'm one of the rare ones that hates summer time. The idea of my skin incinerating off of me isn't my idea of having fun. But these are some styles that take the heat off a summer wardrobe so-to-speak.

VINTAGE 55 Drawstring waist Ruffles Pleated Skirt - a very light and airy skirt; perfect wear on summer days... similar to what I wore here

I love this authentic Chanel quilted leather handbag as it is big enough to carry everything you will need for the day, possibly with enough room to spare.


Summer Scarves

A DVF print scarf sold here

I went into Aldo the other day and saw some pretty lightweight summer scarves in there which prompted this post actually. It may sound like an oxymoron to talk about summer and scarves in the same sentence, but really the summer scarf is something that can come in handy for the cooler morning and nights and should be one of the must-haves in your closet. Also, there’s no better way to add an extra pop of color to your warm-weather outfits. To showcase your personal style with some summer scarves. What's your favorite style? Is it floral, striped, animal prints, tribal, bold and beautiful;), or neutral?

I've combed through the internet for some fun ones. Which one of these do you like?

Lightweight Striped Cotton Scarf sold here

Moschino Cheap & Chic Forecast Summer Scarf sold here
or a much more reasonable one here

GUESS Tribal Ethnic Fringe Scarf sold here

Spun By Subtle Luxury Navajo Tribal Scarf