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Bedroom Therapy

We don't have a lot of control in life, but we really do have control over the objects in our homes. So when the world is spinning too fast and you feel completely crazed, just get the things around you settled.

How true is that! When nothing seems to be going right for me at times, the most welcoming place I always long to help me regain control is my home. Your home if properly maintained, can become that safe haven that rises up to greet you and help shut out the unwanted noise of the outside world. How important it is then to keep a decluttered, clean place filled with things that you love/make you happy... only then will your house become a home that is there to comfort you when the need arises.

The bed wall before...

The bed wall after a coat of base paint in rainstorm color - after letting the base paint dry... I stenciled the design over the one wall with an off-white paint color - making it the feature wall in that bedroom.

Personally, I find the following 5 must-have items in my bedroom to truly make it a haven:

1. Soothing aromatic candles such as Lavender or eucalyptus
2. An iPod dock for soft music {alternative mostly - loving Lana Del Rey right now}
3. Fresh cut flowers in deep hues to bring a pop of color against my stormy wall color
4. Plush organic eco-friendly bamboo bedding - soft and lush for a restful night
5. A well-maintained bedroom free of clutter, just the necessities - nightstands, a chest of drawers, a corner reading chair and lamp.

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