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Design Inspirations: No.1

Loving that brick wall. Hope I get a brick wall in my next apartment.

If you find yourself frazzled and unable to come up with a definite design plan, I would suggest making a collection of what inspires you by ripping out your favorite design photos in magazines or these days with the help of technology, you can find beautiful inspirational designs on the web {pinterest makes it even easier to pin favorite designs off the web nowadays}. Creating a collage of photos or images often helps to hone one's personal design taste, and flare making it easier to envision furniture pieces and color schemes for your space.

Always remember, a room that's well put together makes you more effective.

I love the chocolate walls - they snuggle you with warmth and coziness

The chandelier and that periwinkle tufted sofa bring some glam to this room 

Digging the zebra print pillows

I'd rather these blinds in our next place instead of the hideous vertical blinds that we have currently.

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