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Envy - can plague anyone, regardless of how much wealth he has, whatever virtues he possesses, and how successful he is in life. What is envy really? It's a feeling of resentment toward others because of their belongings, prosperity, advantages, and so forth. You see, the distinguishing factor between envy and jealousy {written about here} is this... jealousy refers to the desire to be as well off as another, and 'envy' refers to the desire to deprive another of what he has. Not only does the envious person begrudge what others have but he wants to take it from them. We should not allow that poisonous trait to arise and fester in us because of its destructive consequences.

What are those consequences? Identifying what they are sure makes it easier to rid yourself of such a bad trait or at least control it.

1- The spirit of competition can make our leanings toward envy even worse. Why is that damaging? For one thing, comparing ourselves with others blind us from our own fine accomplishments and make us feel dissatisfied with our own life. Which can make us harbor ill feelings toward others unnecessarily.

2 - Envy can take control of our life. When this happens, you become self-centered and cannot think clearly. It can overpower one to the point of hatred, injustice, and even murder if not controlled. That's why it's a poisonous trait.

What measures can we take as antidotes to envy? Be happy for others and their accomplishments, realizing that we too have our own gifts and talents that can be shared. Be humble enough to surround yourself with those that are successful so that you can learn from them and not be too egotistical in letting them know that we do admire their accomplishments. By not allowing envy to control us, we can make our lives happier.

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