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Some Of My Must-Haves

100% bamboo robe - putting on a comfortable robe is such a luxurious thing that I think every woman should have one. It gives you a relaxed feeling that every day should end with.

Red Flower Cardamom Amber Oil {You'll find a variety of fragrant sensual oils in my bathroom - they're so invigorating after a nice bath... they revive old tired muscles after a long day.}
Bedside Water Carafe Set - I always have this pretty set filled with ice water in the guest room when I have friends stay overnight. The Carafe on a tray with fresh flowers, a candle and chocolate is a great welcome for a traveling guest.
Red Flower Japanese Peony Petal Topped Candle {this is one thing that I can't live without. My home always has a nice scented candle burning - it adds glow and great aroma to the home, not to mention it's rejuvenating.}

Modern Vintage Wedges {These neutral wedges can complement any summery outfit and yet, the soft leather makes them very comfortable for an all-day wear}

This Vintage Chanel CC Nylon Tote bag works universally with any style.

Kate Spade stationery-Yellow Floral Note Cards {you'll brighten anyone's day with these cute bright stationery cards}

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