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Grateful Moments: The Weekend

You know a weekend is going to be a great one when your first breakfast consists of crepes. {My favorite breakfast option.}

This past weekend was so packed out and fun filled, that it actually started on Thursday with a relaxing massage, then we were off to cocktails at a friend's lakeside condo before heading out to dinner. Come to think of it now, we ate out every night, Thursday through Saturday. Sunday was capped off with a bridal shower. These past few days I've consumed more cocktails than I could ever have imagined leaving me with elephant feet by Sunday. {Later on Sunday evening as I left the bridal shower, I realized my sandal straps were actually lost within the skin of my feet because of water retention from all those cocktails.} Yikes! LOL - I'm going to have to double on my workout this week to burn off all those consumed calories. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Happy hour on a beautiful afternoon with friends

An afternoon shopping with the hubby. Contemplating whether to add this mercury glass owl into our new upcoming city apartment that we're soon to occupy.

Dinner alfresco under the stars with some good friends

A healthy salmon dinner

Seeing this bakery with the bike of bread in my travels this past weekend is 'jois de vivre' for me - reminding me of Paris which always puts a smile on my face and heart.

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