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NYC Apartment Hunting

Brooklyn, NY {the architecture of these 1800's buildings is just amazing}.

I couldn't be any more excited, and scared at the same time. The hubby and I are about to say goodbye to our suburban living {simplifying from owning a home back to renting}, to tread the waters of city living... NYC at that! So exciting! But I can be a real estate agent's nightmare for I am extremely picky about the areas and apartments I want to live in. I'm about architecture, character and updated appliances along with many other amenities. On the other hand, the agent is more like "hurry up, I need to make my commission and move on to the next potential commission!" The scary part is to find a decent rental place with a reasonable price tag. The thing about NYC apartments is that they offer very little for an astronomical amount, but it's about location, location, location. And most importantly, it's all about quality of life and one's preference, and now, my/our preference is the 'Big Apple!' So, the hunt begins!

These are some of the mental images I get when I think of my ideal NYC apartment and what it should look like.

Yes, this is part of city living. It can be very green and tranquil
depending on where you chose to be in NYC.
Something about a cobalt blue or red front door says to me: "the people behind this door are hospitable and fun to be with... {Cobble Hill Brooklyn, NY}.

The window boxes against the brownstone buildings give such a distinctive charm that warms my heart.

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