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Today's finds at a local boutique. I really like the purple rims on these aviator sunglasses

When your good deeds aren't appreciated and leave you burned out instead - leaving you with feelings of disappointment and anger, it's good to take a step back and regroup by pondering over what things truly matter and make you happy.

My Ten Things for right now...

1. Good old time friends
2. LIVE! With Kelly {when all else fails, Kelly Ripa always puts me in a good mood}
3. Fine dining with hubby
4. Good wine with real friends
5. Upbeat music
6. Road trip to Santa Barbara {which I'll probably miss after going back East}
7. The fact that I don't settle for mediocrity
8. Moving back East {"NY is where I belong..."}
9. Leisure reading at Starbucks with my favorite drink
10. My blog, and it's lovely readers. I know you read it even though you don't comment;)

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