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View of Manhattan from Brooklyn, NY

Can you believe May is already pretty much over!? Time is flying by. As they say: "time flies when you're having fun." Packing for our upcoming move, working and attending so many goodbye lunch/dinner rendez-vous has kept me {us} pretty busy! The only consolation is knowing that I'm going home finally!  This time of year especially brings back memories of friends on Long Island that are getting ready to open up their pools for the summer...which makes me even more homesick. :(

Italian bakery in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, NY {I miss these cute tasty afternoon treats}.

 Pear-Drop Earrings {Neiman Marcus}. This peachy hue warms up any complexion.

Lobster Mac-n-cheese at Pier9 in Hell's Kitchen, NY

A new addition to the shoe collection {similar ones here}. Look for them in an upcoming outfit post.

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