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Reminiscing About: Cannes, France

Hearing all the buzz about this year's Cannes Film Festival - sure brings back great fun memories {and a little France homesickness} of our time in Cannes as they prepared for the previous film festival.

Cannes is a picturesque city located on the French Riviera and is well known for the Cannes Film Festival that takes place around this time each year. It is located on the main railway line that runs from Marseille to Nice, Monte Carlo and into Italy. It's a fashionista's paradise - for it is known as a fashionable resort community. I have to say, besides NYC...France is definitely a wonderful place for people-watching {my secret guilty pleasure..;}, which we did.

Recognize who's standing with Chewbacca here?;)

This is the Regina Hotel in Nice, France. This hotel was once a mansion for one family dating from the beginning of the 20th Century. My little tiny camera at the time could only capture a little bit of this compound, but it's pretty majestic upon the hill overlooking the French Riviera down in the distance.

This is a small portion of the largest Orthodox Russian Church in Nice, France.
The Taj Mahal has nothing on this cathedral for its opulence. Makes me think of the song: "money money money money money, MONEY!.."

This huge strange cube shaped human head sculpture in Nice, France {called "La Tete au Carre - officially named 'The Square Head} is actually a seven story building...the central library of Nice. It is a brain child of sculptor Sacha Sosno and architect Yves Bayard.

We certainly enjoyed touring all of Nice and eating french lunch like sweet Nutella panini, cafe avec sucre... my little knowledge of french gave me a little edge when ordering food for us. Oui oui, mes cheri...

Ended our long day in Cannes and Nice, France with some fine dining at Le French Bistro Restaurant

I can never forego a creme brulee dessert. Yum!
My mouth's watering just seeing this picture

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