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Reminiscing About: Rome

Santa Maria De Loreto - this large dome can be seen rising up
from amongst the Roman remains of the forum

To walk {which we did A LOT!} in Rome is to take a journey back in time. It pays to walk in that city. I always love architecture and buildings with character. Rome's architectural historicity really enhanced my love for true architecture even more than before. Although a very commercial city, the stunning landmarks and enchanting squares of that country is just beyond words as you walk and lounge there. I remember with every step we took, we were just in awe of the ruins in Rome and the statuesque busks of rather very burly men.

Il Vittoriano - is an enormous white marble monument at the
Piazza Venezia was built as a tribute to the first king of a
United Italy, Victor Emmanuel II

The Arch of Constantine {Arco di Constantino} is a large triumphal arch in Rome next to the coliseum. This arch commemorates the battle that led the Emperor Constantine to convert to Christianity, thereby changing the religious landscape of the western world. With Constantine's conversion, Christian persecution ended and the development of Christendom began. Thus, the event celebrated by the Arch of Constantine was a major turning point in the history of the western world.

A noteworthy fact about the Coliseum is that it's designed in such a manner that entire spectators {the capacity to hold 50,000 people at a time} could be dispersed in a matter of five minutes.

One of the many medieval bridges in Rome. These pictures don't do this place justice

Fontana Di Trevi - this grand fountain is the masterpiece of the small Trevi square. Standing 85 feet high and 65 feet wide, is the largest fountain in the city. A
little known fact: "Trevi" is derived from the word "Trivium," meaning a three streets meeting point

Ever wondered why all those smart little cars in Rome? Well, besides the narrow streets, Rome is a very expensive city. When we were there, gas was $9 a gallon. We were told that those cute little smart cars get 65 miles/gallon. Reminiscing about these trips make me fall in love with Europe all over again and calm me.

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