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Reminiscing About: Tuscany

Piazza dell'Anfiteatro {or the amphitheatre, which is the centre of entertainment for the town}. I must tell you the elliptical-shaped plaza of this centre is beyond
AH-MAZING! The pictures don't do this place justice at all. Lucca is certainly a region of Europe that is one of our favorites and it has left a fond impression on us. We fell in love with this part of Tuscany. It's a city with many seductive charms and has more than its fair share of splendid ornate architectural buildings that are so awe-inspiring.

Memories are such a beautiful gift! Being able to recall and ponder over pleasant moments in life just fondle the heart. This past week, I've been extremely busy packing for our move, and of course as you pack, it always affords the opportunity to revisit things that are usually tucked away such as photo albums or scrapbooks full of moments that we have deemed worthy of remembering.

Being busy with work, household chores and now packing for our move in a month has left me completely unraveled as I am a person that's meticulously organized and don't like to have a list of undone chores. However, thumbing through {before putting it in the box} scrapbooks packed with wonderful memories of our travels through Europe, Central America, the Virgin Islands and many other destinations... healed my bothered mind, fortified my faint heart and replaced my mental anguish with peace.

 Ahh, the gelatos there are incomparable to any place else. I'm craving one right at this moment.

Everywhere you turned the city had massive Romanesque churches with unbelievably ornate details including grey and white marble floors

As we were walking through the cute alley ways, I saw this bike and had the hubby take a picture of it and the picture came out this way:) It looks retro post-card-ish. Love it! Oh, such fond memories... I have a big happy grin just seeing these pictures all over again.

Yes, even with the new way of scrapbooking through blogging and all, I still find it very important to make physical memory books as something to look at and touch at a moments' notice for those low moments - not to mention when the gremlins get in the computers and decide to destroy files out of viciousness. When files crash, I feel calm knowing I have hard copies of precious memories in hand. Besides, nothing's better than holding a book full of memories in your hands with a loved one to reminisce about. I hope you will indulge me as I reminisce about some of our trips in the next few posts... so stay tuned;)

This picture would have been really nice had the young-lady not rushed taking the picture, but I think it's a bit mysterious;)

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