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Rustic Chandelier Makeover

Chandelier before

Let’s take a look at what I did with one of my old chandeliers. It was rustic colored…which went well in my previous Mediterranean style home that we owned. As we downsized from a house to a condo, it naturally gave me the opportunity to go for a completely new look and style. I was not about to buy a new chandelier for my new dining room since my existing one was perfectly fine and I like the simplicity of it. I just gave it a new look so it would fit into my new decor style. I know some might say: “Rebecca, you are constantly changing things…” TRUE! My style is constantly evolving which is to be expected, because as we grow our tastes and likes also change. Not to mention, we all love a little something new now and then – which keeps life happily interesting.

Chandelier after a coat of metallic spray paint + a few beaded napkin rings around the lights as unexpected embellishments - giving it a little bling factor.

I added some glass garland for extra twinkle

If you don’t love your home, then it’s certainly time to make some changes. It doesn’t need to be a major renovation as adding little changes, such as what I’ve mentioned here will definitely make your space a much happier place.

I love anything that sparkles... isn't that why diamonds are a girl's best friend?

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