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A Thoughtful Note...

 The saying on this cover makes me think of Kelly Ripa for some reason.

This week, I received a lovely card from a long distance friend that I have not seen in YEARS! The emotions that emerged from receiving that thoughtful card, brought me joy and sadness at the same time.  Knowing that someone thought of me and it impelled this person to write little'ol me took me by surprise.  Not to mention the fact that writing  and sending someone an actual letter or card in the mail these days is almost a thing of the past. Which brings me to this subject of friendship and keeping in touch.

Personally, I enjoy sending friends cards as I think about them. I know how it makes me feel when someone takes the time to send me a thoughtful note, so whether I receive cards from others or not, I make sure to send a note/card to friends to let them know I'm thinking about them. I found these lovely Shoe-dellic note-cards that make writing a quick note to a friend even more appealing, especially to a shoe lover.

Here are a few cute note card options to keep in touch with:
I'm loving these because cupcakes are my all-time favorite dessert EVER! Cupcake delights note cards $12
Christian Lacroix 'Haute Couture' Note Cards (8-Pack) at Norstrom $18
Talk about writing in style


Personalized Note Cards {Set of 10} $9.95

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