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Three's Company: Summer Style

I love these fun sunglasses for their sophisticated look, but I haven't found the right one for my face shape. These affordable ones sold here 

I think I'm one of the rare ones that hates summer time. The idea of my skin incinerating off of me isn't my idea of having fun. But these are some styles that take the heat off a summer wardrobe so-to-speak.

VINTAGE 55 Drawstring waist Ruffles Pleated Skirt - a very light and airy skirt; perfect wear on summer days... similar to what I wore here

I love this authentic Chanel quilted leather handbag as it is big enough to carry everything you will need for the day, possibly with enough room to spare.


  1. That is not threes company style! Threes Company was aired in the Late 1970's, You are showing items that are more of a reflection of the early midish 1980's.

    1. My title of this post is just play on words, nothing else (was not meant to refer to the tv show's style)... Referring to three items. That's all.