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Under The Tuscan Sun

I recently watched the movie 'Under the Tuscan Sun' {one of my faves!} with a friend who had never heard of it let alone seen it. Throughout the movie, she kept saying: "I love this movie!" Oddly enough, a couple of days after we watched it, she texted me: "guess what? Under The Tuscan Sun is on TV"...and now it's one of her favorite movies.

I mean, how can anyone not like this movie?! Besides the gorgeous picturesque scenery of Tuscany... {to which I've been privileged to have visited as mentioned here}, the story alone is one that makes you ponder - what helps a woman be that brave when things don't end up working out as planned? The amount of strength and gusto Frances {played by Dianne Lane} portrayed in that movie is admirable and inspirational to say the least.

My dream Tuscan home!


The ability to pick up the pieces and rebuild your life back to a level of contentment again definitely takes the help of great friends, hope and resiliency. It's such an amazing gut wrenching, yet victorious movie that I can watch over and over again - minus some of the couple unnecessary expletives.


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