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Commendation is Powerful!

"O how good and pleasant it is when a word is spoken at its right time"

Sad to say, sincere words of commendation are not the norm in today's world. This is hardly surprising, for today we live in a world where people focus on your faults or nitpick at everything you do instead of giving you credit for the good things that you do and that's a very discouraging thing, especially when really, everyone has talent and something to share no matter how great or small. The fact of the matter is, in today's ungrateful world, we all need to feel appreciated and loved.

How many times do we hear of people feeling that their efforts go unnoticed by others?  For example, employees often feel unappreciated by their employers, some married people believe that their mate takes them for granted, some children think that they can never meet the expectations of their parents. As a blogger, I sometimes feel that my work isn't appreciated. Surely, such feelings could be alleviated if we were all willing to  commend one another from time to time.

Have you been given sincere commendation for the things you do? Then you know how it can warm the heart and lift the spirit. What can help us find it easier to commend others and be kind with our words?

1. Look for the good in others. Instead of looking for faults, take notice and appreciate an individual's fine qualities and deeds.  With what result? Our words will surely refresh others, and they will try even harder to do their best! What do we get in return for commending others? We will experience the joy that comes from giving and being kind.

2. Acknowledge fine deeds and talents. Don't withold a good word when it is in your power to do it. Commendation is powerful! When we commend others we strengthen their resolve - prompting them to keep on doing their best for the betterment of society.

The world would certainly be a different place if everyone showed personal interest in others, searched out their good qualities/talents, and acknowledged them. With that being said, there's one person that I truly want to thank for commending and acknowledging me all the time {besides my dear husband}.  Kim Moran on Twitter. Thanks Kim for every single kind word and commendation you have showered upon me. XO

Behind every achiever are encouraging words and support

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1 comment:

  1. I was so busy with my dessert table preps that I haven't properly thanked you for this blog that elicited tears - of gratitude! I feel very honored but I fully believe in your talents and you should be told that more often. Keep doing what you are doing & the sun will shine on YOU! xoxo