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Confession of a Ripaholic...

{At the LIVE! With Regis and Kelly (then) show for the second time at the Encore/Wynn hotel Las Vegas in 2010... nose bleed seating and all, I was happy!}

As I was packing for our upcoming move, I realized all the paraphernalia of LIVE! With Regis or LIVE! With Kelly paraphernalia that I have saved just because I love that show so much, but really because of my undying girl crush I have for Kelly {no, I'm not a creep... nor does she need to get a restraining order - LOL}.

Ever since Kelly Ripa started on LIVE! my life changed on a different level. It didn't take long for her to capture my heart and full attention when she comes on. I quickly realized that I could relate to her personality and the things she says; ironically enough they're always things that I usually say or was saying to my husband and when she says them... it makes me love her all the more so. She makes me feel normal, because it helps to see that I'm not the only one who says/thinks certain funny things.  It also validates the points that I usually find myself trying to convince my hubby about.

{That smile is contagious}

So my girl crush {so-to-speak} is simply because I'm attracted to perky, creative, kind, free-spirited people that make your life better by being around them. Kelly is all that and more. She inspires me on such a level, that I would do anything to meet her in person {not just in passing anymore;} just to say thank you. In the last seven years, I have dreamed of having a creative pal to hang with - someone who seems to be eternally happy in life and for others, and Kelly Ripa has been that friend to me {remotely and imaginary... I know...roll your eyes now...but it is what is}. Thanks Kel for everything. Now, would you consider me as your non-famous co-host for a day?;) A girl can just wish!  XO

{These photos were posted in my gym room for inspirations (they will go back up on my walls in my new place) to get me on my treadmill, or lift the weights and do those squats on the days that I did not feel motivated... still working on it;}

{I follow the show when possible wherever they go. After Oscar Show in Hollywood}

{My After Oscar Show wristband}

*Images: {personal, Fitness magazine, google}

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