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Design Inspirations: No. 2

This past week I was delighted to have finally found a city apartment, even though we'll have to really downsize tremendously. However, I can't imagine a cozier space then this place, especially after I put my decorating stamp on it. As I tweeted this week, the challenge is going to be how to squeeze 2000 sq ft. living into a 990+ pre-war tiny 'mini me' sized room living. It definitely will call for some ingenuity.

I have been scanning some of my design magazines and the Internet for some inspiration. I've got some cool ideas already, but I'll have to control my ideas from taking a life of their own, since this place isn't for the long haul. Hoping to upgrade to the dream apartment next year.

So far these are some cool spaces that have inspired me...

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  1. It is funny because no matter how big my living space is, I always manage to fill it. I beg to get a storage unit & my husband says, "If we can't live within our 2000 sq ft, then we have a problem." I agree and the solution is to get a storage unit!!! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on your new place!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on your new home! No matter how big your home is, there is never enough room! I have begged for a storage unit but my hubby says if I can't find a place to store something in our 2000 sq ft home, then I have a problem! And yes, it is a problem but the solution for me is a storage unit! Lol. Can't wait to see what you come up with! xoxo