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A Great Ending...

We flew in from NY to Las Vegas to attend our friend's daughter's wedding this past weekend. She got married on a beautiful golf course. As we arrived to the ceremony, your eyes landed on guests seated on the well manicured golf course lawn graced with flower petals.  The backdrop was surrounded by mountains in the far distance and the sun setting - it was such a picturesque scene. After the ceremony, guests were moved into the beautifully decorated circularly-shaped all glass club room for the cocktail hour. As you entered the room you were greeted by cocktail waitresses with silver trays in hand serving hors d'oeuvres. 

We then were moved outside on a patio nestled in the middle of the golf course with the flickering light of two huge fire places, candle lights and white lights throughout which set such a romantic, intimate ambiance. You can see the occasion was handled with care, sparing no details for the air was filled with love and support. The father of the bride who has such a huge heart and the most positive energy wrote and read a poem to his daughter called "Daddy's little girl...". The beautiful words of that poem tugged at every one's heart - you could hear all the sniffling that went on as he read his daughter that poem. I often wonder what's that like to be loved so much by a father?!

At the end of the night, each guest was given a sparkler and were gathered outside creating a tunnel like pathway that the couple ran through to get into their car.  The flickery star-like light from the sparklers really was such an imaginative ending to this beautiful wedding ceremony that we were happy to have been a part of.  Now, that was NOT a typical Vegas style wedding that we've previously attended. It certainly was a nice ending to the memories we'll hold in our mind from Las Vegas.

{Such a pretty cake}

{Sparklers - a great ending to a beautiful ceremony}

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