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{Central Park horse carriage...}

Joie de vivre is a french phrase that means joy of life. It's often used to express cheerful enjoyment of life. I've decided instead of writing a gratitude journal, I'm going to focus on the little things that have brought me joy throughout the week as a way to remain grateful, so I can attract only positive vibes and people to my circle.

It's been said in order to attract positive things in your life, you should take at least five minutes a day to write down or find something that you're appreciative about, such as the people or things in your life.  Doing this will help one become a grateful person, but more importantly, it keeps you from focusing on all the negative things that life throws our way. Henceforth, my Joie De Vivre posts will be about the little things that truly bring me joy, thus getting me into the habit of appreciation.

{Historical buildings in Brooklyn}

{A wonderful drive alongside the ocean of Long Island}

{Magnolia bakery in the West Village, NY - L.O.V.E.}

{The red velvet cheesecake cupcake - pure decadence}

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