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Solution to Living Clutter-Free

{clever use of a vintage suitcase by Shannon}

I have to say, my place or should I say my new tiny place is a mess! {Mini-me would have a problem moving around in here}. I realize that I just moved on Saturday, but having so many things that no longer have a home, nor is there space for them to ever have a home is forcing me {us} to do an extreme purging that is really necessary. My {our} home has always been a place where first and foremost, everything has its place. Having a place for everything is a big solution to living clutter-free. When you know where to put it, it goes away - making it easier to stay organized which is one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm a scatterbrained lost puppy without things being properly located in their place. I'm one to label items in containers in my pantry. {I would label my labels if it were socially acceptable.} The luxury of keeping a space light and airy gives you a peaceful feeling, which makes you feel happy and in turn gives a quiet mind. I can't wait for my newfound space to be that happy organized peaceful relaxing place again.

For inspiration, I have been scanning the internet for small space solution ideas and have pinned them on Pinterest. Here are a few pretty clever clutter-free spaces. I hope you enjoy looking at them as I have.

{Great use of the back of a door...maximizing every square inch by iheartorganizing}

{Slim containers maximize space by iheartorganizing}

{A nice clutter-free pantry - using containers of all sorts by HouseofSmiths}

{Don't forget the back of cabinet doors as storage by familyhandyman}

{Keeping all cleaning supplies in one place helps with quick inventory before running to the store to buy something that you might had already have. Great idea by beforeispendit


  1. Love this post!

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  2. Brilliant organization ideas! I LOVE the hanging shoe bag for cleaning supplies and it made me think that it would serve well as a holder for all my beauty products (hair brushes, hair clips, makeup brushes etc). Thank you for sharing!