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What A Weekend!

This is the car that I imagine the hubby and I will drive on Sunday afternoons {in our old age} to go to brunch or alongside the coast as we take in the breezy air;)

I honestly forgot how exhausting apartment hunting can be, especially in a city where a dilapidated linen closet sized apartment starts at $2,800 minimum with barely a full size toilet. I can’t wait to regain my weekends again to enjoy movie nights with the hubby, finishing my endless half done DIY projects, decorating, reading books with a glass of wine, or having dinner parties.

We made our annual pilgrimage to one of our favorite restaurants.

Besides crepes, a blintz is my other breakfast favorite... these were pretty good!

Taking in the view from our Long Island car ride into NYC - wearing the most comfortable stretchy navy blue and white striped top {similar one here}. One of my new favorite pieces.

The most costly bony tasteless Porgy fish the hubby has ever had... 

Enjoyed a nice stroll in Washington square park with the family after a long day of apartment hunting.

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