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City Living: Creative Displays

Living in a small space doesn't necessarily mean you have to live in clutter because of not having the space to store necessary goods. It just means being creative in how to store things and how much stuff to purchase at once {talked about here}. I've always been one to buy just what I need, so limiting what you purchase instead of paying for that 'buy one get one free item' will make storing things much easier. For example, here's what I decided to do with some of my necessary bathroom items. Savvy storage can make a small space super-efficient and more enjoyable to live in.

What do you do with a grimey tiny one shelf medicine cabinet? After dousing it with Lysol, cover it with pretty contact paper as I've done here.

With a few clear organizing caddys and small clear shelves you can arrange your daily- use items neatly, while having a pretty cabinet to look at for your morning routine. Doesn't the purple nail polish remover in that cute little bottle look much better than the usual plastic bottle it comes in?

Imagine a bathroom with no under the sink cabinet whatsoever. Well, how else can you store items that usually would be inside that cabinet? Take advantage of wall space - going vertically. After installing some shelves on the smallest wall space { 5" x 11"} above the toilet, I stocked it with typical medicine cabinet products such as alcohol, peroxide, witch hazel, etc. The normal packaging for these products are usually unsightly but now they're stored in these pretty air tight bottles on the shelves {labeled of course}.

The mouthwash is now nicely displayed in a carafe {similar to this one} on the shelves along with the hygienic paper.

Lotion, cotton balls, room spray, displayed on shelves

What kind of storage ideas have you found to be efficient and pretty for your tiny spaces?

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  1. You really need to take your magic on the road! Often people look at small places and see what they can't do - you've given us a taste of what you CAN do! Thank you!