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Joie De Vivre: Progression

{Some cool hand wall hooks at my recent excursion here}

This week was a good one. Although we still have a long way to go to finish unpacking and making the new place feel like home, it still was productive and I was able to empty out a lot of boxes. The hubby assembled some Ikea furniture that fit some of the small nook and crannies that are just eating up very needed space to put away things.

Adjusting to small city apartment living has not been THAT  bad... it's just a new adventure.  I have to say, It's coming along slowly but surely.  I'll be sharing some before and after pics later on.  In the meantime, these are some of the things that put a smile on my face this past week.

{Went to the LIVE!WithKelly show the new set}

{Sneak Peek at What I wore to the Luncheon}

{View of Manhattan and Long Island City from the Brooklyn side on the way to Ikea}

{A New Purchase for The Office + My favorite Colorful Candy (skittles) in the Jar for some pick me up;}

Happy Weekend!

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  1. As always I love your shoes! I also love how you appreciate the little things! We all need to do this more people!! :)