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Joie De Vivre: Recounting The Good Things

{Finally put up my Audrey Hepburn inspirational quote picture in my new small dressing area. I sure needed to read it...}

What a week this has been! It's been one of those weeks that couldn't end quickly enough, and I'm one that doesn't like to rush time, but this week was like being on a long arduous roller coaster ride. So I'm looking forward to a needed relaxing weekend which will include an invite to a dinner party getting to know some new friends. Yes! I WILL bring wine. One of my favorite tasks.
{Enjoyed some tasty appetizers with wine at a sidewalk wine cafe in NYC with the hubby}
{Took a stroll alongside the East River - watched the beautiful sunset}

{Pistachio gelato was enjoyed in Little Italy}

{An unworried squirrel chomping on a nut at the park}

Some other cool things that made me smile this week and ended on my wish list - this cute dress... that I would pair with these heels and this sure made me smile.

Wishing you a great relaxing weekend.

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